Most of us live quite an ordinary life within extraordinary circumstances.
Our ability to overcome these challenges make us extraordinary in every way.

Simplicity is beautiful.
Its rawness allowing interpretation to take over in making it one’s own.

Love is the joy we have in seeing others happy.

To live lost and stumbling in darkness for a bit will teach you to find strength during times of uncertainty.

Our eyes can be open but we are not awake.
It takes more than a body to lead the soul.
Our consciousness and ability to be aware is the key to being awake.
Be awake in this life you live so you may experience the unseen moments.

Everything you thought you knew and loved and all its comfort and familiarity is stripped from you. You feel lost, scared, and broken beyond repair.
You can’t see it now, but all you have known and felt is undone, so you may learn with a new spirit—your true spirit— and with your fresh eyes upon this world.
Your spirit is reborn with your new knowledge and wisdom. You know nothing is forever now and it’s not meant to be. Beauty and grace lie in its brief moments with you.

Gratitude allows you to have a new perspective on life.  You see clearer and are no longer distracted by what you don’t have and who you could be. Gratitude allows you to be in the present moment and take in the beauty of your life— as it is.  Take in that view of your life and appreciate it.

Souls are sacred. They hold the light and goodness we are born with.
Learn to protect your light, your energy, your goodness from negative energies.
Protect that which is the essence of who you really are—your soul.

Reminder to Me
I am a strong, smart, loving person. My strength, persistence, and faith in myself and God has carried me this far in life. I have learned to honor my weaknesses, and they have helped me grow to be a better person. My vulnerabilities, and imperfections make me who I am; someone who is not afraid to speak the truth in how they feel, someone who will cry and scream because I cannot bottle up my feelings. My transparency allows me to reach out to those who would NOT otherwise.  I possess kindness and love and express it both inward and outward through my integrity, the work I do with others, and in how I treat people. My humility allows not only myself but others to recognize that I will own my mistakes and move on with grace.

Take a breath, close your eyes, and let yourself know everything will be okay.  If you fail or if you succeed, you tried the same.  You didn’t let your fears get in the way of who you are and what you stand for.You believed in yourself and kept going when everyone looked down at you.Your will and integrity will always give you peace.

Set your tone in this universe and do not let others or situations have power over you.  Many things you come across will try to break you.  Maintain your values, composure, integrity, and strength and do NOT give them your energy.  Take a breath and come back to your place of grace.

The hardest times in your life call for bravery and discipline.  You must not let fear win and stand up to not only other’s doubts about you but your own as well.  Remember that you have come this far and you are NOT losing your momentum by giving in to negativity.  Be disciplined to put in the work and complete the tasks that will move you forward.  These small daily movements are your sanity and savior.

Human suffering and pain can be used to create and inspire others.  Realize that without pain, we cannot know joy.  Without joy, we cannot know pain.  Transform your pain and suffering into beauty for others to see, so they too can understand that pain shall pass.

Find compassion and kindness to ease your mind.

Close your eyes and feel the blue sky.

We are all someone others see out the window; a vision whether substantial or not, a passing background, or a story.

Motivation to start and discipline to excel.

To find your way, take a moment and look around.

Keep your enemy close…know yourself.

Speak your truth and free your soul.

Let the seed of light grow within.

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