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Hi there.  I am a mother to two daughters ages 18 and 10 years old. I work in higher education by day and now, I have ventured into the entrepreneurial world! I  have been married for 19 years.   Being married at such a young age and working, attending college, and managing a family hasn’t been always easy but it taught me to build resilience and work hard.  I can say without a doubt that anything that turned out well in my life was never due to luck but only hard work, discipline, and commitment.

However, working so hard and being set in my “let’s get it done” ways, took a toll on my personal life (never so much my work or academic life).  I was never living in the moment or able to fully experience the wonderful things happening around me.  I just thought if I could accomplish the next goal or acquire the next material item in life, then it would be perfect…but it never works out that way either because life is so much more complicated.  Through challenging times, I learned I can’t control what is happening externally and all I can do is look inward and within me to feel genuine joy and peace.

I hope to share my wisdom and insight with you through stories and quotes.  I know I have reached out to various resources, such as self-help books, online videos, and social media platforms to find a way to move forward…to make it through that one moment, day, or week.  We can all use all the help we can get!

Lee Anne Xiong