Beautiful Quote Candles: The Perfect Gift


The holiday season is approaching and Breathe for your Soul is offering 6 oz soy blend Inspirational Candles in a perfectly decorated travel tin. The beautiful floral pattern container with a message to live well provides a unique gift for any occasion.  Purchase today for your loved one or someone you would like to show your appreciation for.  This candle is under $20 and makes a perfect and thoughtful gift for the holiday or any special occasion!

There are five different scents with their own message.  The candles can set the mood for relaxation or entertainment.  The gorgeous containers compliment your home decor.

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Inspirational Candle – Sandalwood and Oakmoss.  Quote: Find kindness and compassion to ease your mind.  


Inspirational Candle – Jasmine and Cypress.  Quote: Close your eyes and feel the blue sky.


Inspirational Candle – Grapefruit and White Floral.  Quote: Cleanse my mind, body, and soul.


Inspirational Candle – Chamomile and Sage.  Quote: Be the one to tell your story and heal.


Inspirational Candle – Orange Blossom and Waterlily.  Quote: Kiss my forehead and I know I am loved.


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