Stories of Kindness and Why We Should Remember Them

woman riding bicycle overlooking orange flowers and hills
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Often times, we only hear about the terrible experiences people have had.  It is human nature to want to complain or even want to hear about gossip or terrible news in the world.  It is the drama that we all ache for and wait for.  Perhaps, it is the sad, pathetic assurance and comfort we receive knowing that we all suffer in some way.

I, myself, am guilty of venting on a regular basis about what has happened to me that day or what I don’t have enough of in my life.  Let me just clarify this is not a story about gratitude either.  This is a story about remembering the kindness that one experiences, so they don’t give up on life— more importantly that a person doesn’t give up on becoming a better person.  Having an experience where you are shown kindness without any expectation in return should motivate one to do the same.  To see another individual extend him/herself without any restraint is an example to do the same.

My very first memory of true kindness—the genuine concern for a human being kindness—was back when I was 8 years old.   The memory has always stuck in my mind with such remembrance that it has significant meaning today.   On a spring day, I decided to step outside and ride my bike around our apartment complex.  As I was riding my bike with great speed, I lost my balance and fell off head first with my knees hitting the pavement.  My knee scraped the pavement pretty bad.  At this point, I was bleeding heavily and crying my head off.

Out of nowhere, this older woman came out from her apartment to help me; she was like an angel at my side.  This elderly woman  with  permed white hair was towering over me with a band aid and wipes to clean my bleeding knee.  I was scared that she would hurt me but instead she tended to my wound with such care.  She made sure I made it back to my apartment safely too.

Some people can choose to not see or hear those who may need help but on this day, this woman for whatever reason chose to help a crying and injured girl.  Remembering how she treated me with such care without any judgement has always stuck with me.  To know that there are people who will help you and reach out when you are hurt or down on your luck is an act of grace.  The best we can do is remember there is good in this world despite all the negative things going on.  We can also choose to be a part of the good that is happening and give back for those times we were given a chance.




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